There Should Be More Artists In The World


This new type of course, the Painting Super Starter, is the result of an ambition I have fostered over 20 years of painting to help bring its many positive benefits to a wider audience.

I wanted to focus on the start because, like most things in life, it’s where people make the most mistakes and it also determines how they develop. I could see real value for students having tools to make their experience easier and more effective.

If you’ve shopped around, you may be wondering why it seems a bit different to the more traditional painting courses?

It’s because I want to bring the aspects of learning to paint up to date so that they work in the modern world. Aspiring artists really don’t have the same amount of time that they used to, so they need a way to get results quicker.

Being able to design a course that does this has a lot to do with my former impatience. I spent many years figuring out techniques and skills by myself without books or tuition before finally learning the traditional way of doing things later on.

This unconventional route has helped me see painting from a wider perspective. I can offer an alternative point of view as well as the established way of doing things.

Many students really value this approach as while painting is a visual activity and relies on techniques, being able to more easily understand the task at hand and how best to approach it can really make a huge difference.

I’m really proud of the Painting Super Starter and I can say hand on heart that it’s the starting course I wish I’d had.