Artist Changes How People Learn To Paint

Press Release 3rd July 2018

The Painting Super Starter, the painting for beginners system designed to make learning to paint more accessible, is now even better. Aspiring artists can also harness the power of meditation to take their creativity to the next level.

Developed by self taught artist Stuart Le Tissier, the course aims to give new hobby artists and art students an easier route to better pictures in less time.

‘Most people have much more potential than they realise, so I want to help create more artists. Painting has a reputation for being a lot harder than it actually is. Unfortunately, that’s because its been taught the same way for centuries’ says Le Tissier. 

‘The idea seems to be you just muddle your way through often using rote learning. But times have changed. Now there are a much broader set of learning tools available, that are proven to get results. So this system simply taps into these to cater to a wider variety of learning styles. Adding painting specific meditations into the programme was a natural development.’

The Painting Super Starter focusses entirely on a new artists first few months as a painter, so they approach the discipline in the right way. Everything about how to start painting is broken down and presented in a way so that good habits are developed and mistakes are minimised. With this really strong foundation, better and faster results are achieved.

‘It’s a painting for beginners course that really focusses on the individual and takes students on their own personal creative journey. It also really focuses on the critical 20% of painting that will get you 80% of the results.’

Using a step by step approach each student firstly connects with their artistic side and learns to think and see like an artist. They then develop their own personal approach to painting and find their ideal starting point. Then in part three the student learns the appropriate painting skills and techniques to take them in the right direction.

The benefit of such an approach is it means aspiring artists avoid simple but costly mistakes, which can really hamper their progress and can cause them to give up before they experience important ‘A-ha’ moments. These are the critical moments that give students the motivation and inspiration to keep with it, so they end up with great pictures.

An example of where people go wrong is by copying other people’s work too much.

‘It’s really important that you learn to be your own artist, so failing to think and see like one at the start immediately stunts your growth. You don’t engage your creative mind when painting and simply go though the motions. Painting becomes more like working in a factory than a creative pursuit.’

Another mistake is choosing the wrong paints.

‘Acrylics are often marketed as the best paint for beginners but it isn’t necessarily the case. They can be a great, but there are actually many other entry points and different paints suit different people. Acrylics have partly become so popular because the search term gets a lot of traffic, so for art entrepreneurs, focussing on Acrylics makes it easier to market a product.’

Art teachers and professional artists have both given their ‘thumbs up’ to the Painting Super Starter and its 3D System. 

‘I originally developed this system to help adults who are new to painting and perhaps don’t consider themselves to be ‘natural artists’, so I was pleasantly surprised when an art teacher fed back that it was also great for art students.’

Review comments of the Painting Super Starter describe the approach as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and that ‘I wish I’d had this when I was learning to paint’. Students have described the programme as ‘easy to understand’ and ‘perfect for new painters’.

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